Nielsen Products, LLC

Manufacturer and distributor of finished goods for the hardware and moving industries. 


Our History

Nielsen Products, LLC. designs, develops, and distributes unique and diversified hardware product lines. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to make certain working tasks easier.   We strive to meet the needs of both the consumer and business markets by providing products that are high quality and offered at a reasonable price.  We value customer service and always endeavor to deliver excellence and attentiveness to both our business partners and end users.  Nielsen Products LLC is a subsidiary of DEN, Inc.

DEN, Inc. began operations in 1976 as a sales and distribution company serving the outdoor retailer, industrial, pet product, and automotive industries by providing the highest quality raw materials such as: fabric, plastic and metal components, and webbings.

 While supplying this diversified group of customers, a common trend emerged… A need for quality product development, manufacturing and assembly, at a fair price, with extraordinary customer service. Understanding this led DEN, Inc. to create a manufacturing operation in Mexico and ultimately to develop strategic manufacturing partnerships in Asia.

Due to our 42 year history in sales, development and manufacturing in a diverse range of industries, we provide invaluable working knowledge of manufacturing trends, engineering and design, sourcing materials, and networking throughout the world to our customers.  By leveraging that experience, we are able to offer a variety of value added services to our worldwide customer base in the following categories: industrial fall protection, moving hardware, pet products, and architectural hardware.

 For further channel penetration, DEN, Inc. created a new division, Nielsen Products, LLC, in 2008. Nielsen Products, is a distributor of finished products into commercial and retail markets. These markets include: the moving industry, retail hardware industry, architectural hardware, garage and organization, and pet products. Nielsen Products, LLC  provides distributors, wholesalers, and retailers a streamlined product development and delivery process which allows our products to be well priced in an increasingly competitive space.  In addition, Nielsen Product, LLC designs/engineers, develops, and  distributes its own suite of Patented and Trademarked brands.

Core Brands

- ShoulderDolly  Moving Straps and Products

- Plan Station Portable Workstation

- Blacksmith Barn Door Hardware

ShoulderDolly Moving Straps


Industry leader in Lifting and Moving Straps for the Commercial and Retail Market. The ShoulderDolly is the nationally best selling Moving Strap available. 

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Moving Product Essentials


Nielsen Products also sources and supplies a line of moving product essentials such as: moving blankets, mattress bags and dollies to the hardware and moving industries.

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Plan Station Portable Workstation

Plan Station portable Desk

Everyone needs a table and we have the table for everywhere. The PlanStation is a perfect item for contractors, home owners or anyone needing flexible workspace.  

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Nielsen Products, LLC

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